A web and application development company, Origami Technologies is located at the heart of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, India. Though a Kerala based organization, our services are not only limited within the state, but we also offer myriad services to our customers across the globe. We mainly focus on developing attractive and effectual yet affordable websites and web applications alongside the integration of various security devices.

Lead by a strong leadership team, hosted core technology platform, business process etc. Origami is on its way to be named as one of the leading software companies in the state capital.  A strong backend hosted platform and a team of professionals are all set to bring up new and extremely perfect features exclusively for the customers from around the world so that they can avail the services at utmost ease.

Origami team is different and unique in more than one aspect and hence we assure our customers quality products at their best. The team has profound and wide-ranging experience in IT and ITES sector, which is truly global. We too have years of collective technology industry experience that emphasizes on our products.

Origami Technologies finds solutions for customers and provides them information on various queries after research using innovative technologies to meet requirements of the markets. To characterize the existing services of our clients is the major goal that we are so keen to achieve. We are so familiar with the present market needs and each time we are trying our level best to find sturdy and refreshingly innovative solutions — both online and offline. Origami also excels in technical competency, domain, and business knowledge and covers various vertical domains.
We are proud to announce that Origami’s priority is to keep the client in a comfort zone as we are here to erect a mutual relationship based on trust by providing our level best service to the customers inside and outside India.

We believe in providing customers a wide range of quality products, services, features and tools that enables them to be in a comfortable, relaxed and secure zone. Origami Technologies always values the feedback provided by the customers and ensures to satisfy their needs when it comes to quality in work.

Inspire, Aspire, Innovate

Inspire, Aspire and Innovate — the motto that we are intended to follow. These words always remain as the main keywords in Origami diary. Needless to say, these three strong worlds will speak to you a lot about our work cycle.

Origami performs to inspire talented brains to come forward to augment more ideas that we are working on. We aspire to make sure that we are successful in what we do and try to maintain our standards at par with industries. Innovation is what we intend to do, as some of our upcoming projects would speak.

Work with Fun

For us, it is not just fun and game. We do what you need with utmost care. Yes, we are as joyous as others. But when it comes to work, we are equally serious as when we have fun. Deadlines and project timelines are well restricted and we ensure we meet our goals each time. We also try to keep our customers have a pleasant experience in working with Origami Technologies.

Origami Technologies tries it level best to keep in pace with the cutting edge technologies, HTMLs+ CSS3, PHP/MySQL, Zend framework, .Net framework, we try our best to be in par with the industry standards. We make sure that our works are well documented, highly efficient, and worth the investment.

Services We Offer

Origami offers a wide range of products and services for our customers, which in turn help them to work nattily and effectively. We are also intended to provide our services to small, medium and large companies with perfection at its best.

We are approachable at all times and are willing to any suggestions, comments, and feedbacks.

Whats Happening at Origami?

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