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Origami Technologies have a range of products, which helps varities of small and medium scale organizations to run smoothly and efficiently without any hazzle, we provide you with sturdy and innovative solutions to meet your business requirements. We provide you both online and offline solutions. Origami Technologies excels both in the technical competency, domain, business knowledge and covers various vertical domains.


TRACK - Project Monitoring System (PMS)

Novel System for Project Monitoring.

A hassle-free and defined technique which provides the user frequent updates regarding the ongoing projects

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IMAGIN -Educational Institution Management and Accounting System

Advanced application, specifically designed for schools and colleges.

  • One click reports for owners, teachers and accountants
  • Save  unlimited data of all sessions and retrieve it any time you want
  • Find records, payment records, results of students in seconds

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CoreBiz Gold Loan Management System

Manage and monitor your business deals using this sophisticated Accounting System

A web based system, which helps to manage Gold loan, administration and accounting for Gold loan and finance institutions.

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Benefits of online applications...

Online applications helps a business man to be flexible, make smart decisions resulting in increased productivity and while being efficient – all at the same time!....


Doxing – Beware of what you share...

In the present cyberworld, where there are hot discussions on online privacy and anonymity, knowledge about doxing is of utmost importance. The term ‘dox’ is derived from ‘docx’ which in turn refers to documents....