Project Management System

An easy mode of operation for any project, the Project Management System (PMS) is a hassle-free and defined technique which provides the user frequent updates regarding the ongoing projects through web service and SMS. To sketch, systematize and handle a project, you need a perfect system to scrutinize and here comes the significance of PMS as it has all the aforementioned abilities.

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To acquire regular status alerts about the moving project, users have an option to subscribe the projects and they will also be provided the progress status of those projects in real-time as SMS. Stakeholders will be getting information on the current status of the projects through website along with regular updates and status changes that will be reflected in project page.

Public view on PMS

For any new project set for implementation, public estimation is important as it plays the key role regarding the success of that project. For PMS, search options are of greater importance and users can perform both basic and advanced search options. Since the projects will be based on various criterions such as district and location, users can browse up to such measures. Alongside, they can make use of various options like subscription of a project or package through web service or SMS.

In this system, users also have an option to view the profile of the current project, get the list of packages scheduled in main projects, view important dates regarding the projects and also drill down to package profile from main projects. Apart from all these, this system also provides you facilities like downloading documents, CAD files and other files regarding the project and to view overall summary of main projects as well.

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