Project Management System


The main features of Project Management System includes;

  • Reported issues and actions taken on the project
  • Comments on the project from higher authority
  • Bar chart with progress of various project packages
  • Details of several components that have been used for that project
  • Pie chart representation of package progress
  • SMS alerts of status updates to subscribed users
  • Can compare actual and scheduled progress of projects
  • View location map
  • View current project status
  • View overall project summary
  • Project schedule
  • Colour coded project plan and document
  • View latest project progress images
  • Get contact details of project officers
  • Unsubscription of projects is possible through web and SMS

Admin Side Features

When it comes to the administrator side of PMS, it offers various new facilities that too in a rather uncomplicated manner. This is where the owner of the site handles and manages all the works including additions and deletions. Here in PMS the admin side features are as follows

  • Secure admin login:- where you can login safely
  • Main project creation:- Can create main projects
  • Package creation
  • Specify project schedule:- Schedule and specify various projects
  • Update over all status of main projects:- Provides you the authority to update overall status of the project
  • Update current project status via web and SMS:- Can update current project status through web service and SMS
  • Send project status as SMS to subscribers:- Can send project status as SMS to subscribers
  • Send custom SMS to subscribers
  • Manage external subscribers
  • Mark location details in map
  • Reminders to inactive officers
  • Upload schematic diagram
  • Tag packages on plan image
  • Upload plan document
  • Add project progress images
  • Upload files related to project
  • Specify contact details of project officers
  • Update review comments in main projects
  • Specify project schedule
  • Manage reported issues and action taken
  • Add extra comments to project profile
  • Specify project coverage
  • Advanced Reports
  • Master data management
  • Funding agency
  • Project status
  • Project category
  • User management
  • Access control
  • Data backup provisions
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