Project Management System

Advantages of PMS

Apart from all the above features, PMS also has additional advantages specially designed for the pubic, higher authorities, project officers and funding agency. They are as follows

Benefits to Higher Authorities  

Higher authorities can make use of this system in a more simple way as they can easily monitor the status of the entire on-going projects from a single platform along with all related project documents. If there are any issues related to the project, they can easily identify them using this system. Moreover they can understand the steps taken to solve an issue regarding the project.

Benefits to Public

Public have the option to know the current status of a project in their own location and they can also obtain the exact reason for stopping a specific project in their location.
They are able to view the status, coverage area, photos and location maps of projects along with the contact no. of project coordinators. More information about the project can be collected by contacting the corresponding officers

Benefits to Project Officers

  • Project officers can evidently provide all the details including dates, description, photo, plan and other details of the projects
  • If any project is temporarily halted, he/she can update the reason behind stopping of that project issue via the system
  • Steps taken to resolve the issue can also be updated
  • Issues related to the projects can be presented to higher officials  very fast without requiring to go thorough the complex hierarchy of the organization
  • Workload of the staff can be reduced
  • There is a provision for updating documents, plan diagram and latest work progress photographs of projects which enables effective communication regarding the actual state of the project
  • Can easily find out the documents and files attached to the projects without worrying about keeping it in paper files or in other storage medias
  • All relevant data regarding the projects are up-to-date and readily available so that new project officials can easily pursue further follow ups.
  • Prioritization of work can be done based on the review comments updated by higher authorities
  • Can improve the project execution in a speedy manner by giving proper directions to contractors based on the information from PMS

Benefits to Funding agency

Funding agencies are also beneficiaries as they can easily monitor all their projects through this web application from any location. They can view the real time progress of each and every stages of a project with documents including photos, plans, dates and graphs. They can also compare the progress of the project with estimated schedule.
Suggestions or criticisms are also welcome and can be given to the organization using the summary information in PMS.

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