CoreBiz Gold Loan Management Software and Accounting System

A sophisticated ERP solution, the Owrench Gold Loan Management Software and Accounting System has been developed with an intention to help a firm to manage large scale to small scale business efficiently and monitor it from a single location through the world of internet.

Everything at One Point

Owrench Gold Loan Management Software and Accounting System help you to view all your balances and transactions jointly and it automatically pulls all your financial information at a single point so that you can finally get the entire picture.

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Features at a glance

  • Manage Companies

    Owrench Gold Loan Management Software and Accounting System help companies to keep their business ventures resourceful.
  • Manage Branches

    It helps branches to control and co-ordinate business processes in a well-organized manner
  • Manage User

    User Management is one of the noteworthy features that the new software offers as it is the key part in this system for any transaction to be carried out. 
  • Customer profile Management

    This system manages the profiles of our valuable customers.
  • Search Customer

    An option is there to search a particular customer, which is a much needed alternative to make transactions smoother.
  • Manage Gold Loan

    Details regarding the gold loan can be managed using this system.
  • Search Gold Loan

    Gold Loan search option is available to know more about loans provided for our valuable customers.
  • Manage Gold Loan Schemes

    Various schemes regarding the gold loan specifications can be managed using this system.
  • Accounts management

    Proper account management is possible through this system.
  • Reports

    Reports associated with gold loans and its schemes are generated by this system.

Everything at One Point

It is an ideal software specially designed for medium and large organizations to handle their branches easily and to get various information and reports real time.

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