Educational Institution Management and Accounting System

Owrench Educational Institution Management and Accounting System is advanced application software, which has been specifically designed for schools and colleges. The application allows prospects to better manage the operations of their schools or colleges. One of the most striking features of this software is that it is not geographically bound. This means that the user will be able to manage, edit and update the system even from remote locations. This gives Owrench, an upper hand over several currently available products catering to the same requirement.

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Another notable feature of Owrench is that it can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users without conflict. Owrench also gives extreme emphasis to security. The ability of the software to generate quick reports (with a single button click) is something that makes it stand apart. Advanced accounting system included in the package helps in improved financial transactions and also assists in efficient tracking of revenue and expenses. Other major features offered by Owrench include ;

  • Fee Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Security Upgrading
  • Data Backup Facility
  • Faculty Management
  • Be Ready at Tax Time
  • Student profile management
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Features at a glance

  • Usage in diverse types of educational institutions

    Owrench Educational Institution Management and Accounting System can be used in diverse types of institutions like Universities, colleges, schools and training centers.
  • Advanced User Management

    The software allows facility for authorized access, as per client requirements. One can set access permissions to different staffs of the institution, in the manner they like.
  • Incredible Customer Support

    The professional team of Owrench is always ready to clear doubts and to provide after sales services for customers.
  • User Friendly Interface

    All those with basic computer proficiency can use this software, as it is free of complexity.
  • Online Access

    Internet facility is only required to run Owrench, as it is completely a web based application. There is no need to install any special software/application to make this software work.
  • Customized Modules

    Though educational institutions have certain characteristics in common, they do differ in their management policies. Owrench is designed in such a way that it can be customized as per client requirement. 

Owrench incorporates a lot of advanced technologies which add convenience to those involved in management of educational institutions. One can easily manage and maintain college/school databases online, irrespective of their location. The software also brings together several tools which improve the productivity of the institution as well as the management. This assists in better utilization of time and resources.

Adding to the list of advantages, clients will also have the option to use their own server to host Owrench. In concise, Owrench simplifies the difficult task of educational institution management. The application efficiently automates repetitive tasks and management overheads involved in administrative and academic process.

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